In The Walls

The walls bulge and crease, rounding in toward you, pressed by fists unseen. You cower behind the overturned frame of your tiny bed, desperately wishing for a way out of the cell. Before the walls - which roll and quiver, ever in sight though you try to look away - before the walls began to [...]


The Egg

Cars swirl and spin around her where she huddles in the road. Tires squeal on the damp asphalt, moving the heavy frames of their chariots through the night. In a dance - ballet- spinning wheels and emotion full insides, all plummeting from lane to lane. An opera of motion, all seconds from crushing her in [...]

Cookie Fortunes

This story was my contest entry for Fictional Black Ink's 2015 Halloween Flash Fiction Contest, for which I received Honorable Mention. Check out the details here and read the winning entry! It's really good. I sat on the curb, alone. It was three days before Halloween and already the streets were lined with broken gourds, [...]