In The Walls

The walls bulge and crease, rounding in toward you, pressed by fists unseen.

You cower behind the overturned frame of your tiny bed, desperately wishing for a way out of the cell. Before the walls – which roll and quiver, ever in sight though you try to look away – before the walls began to bulge, you’d heard the screaming. For hours it seemed, screams and sounds of heavy shapes, human sized shapes, being thrown around the hall. Then silence, only silence. You tried your door, of course you had, but though the lock was disengaged, the door was stuck firm in place. Barricaded from the outside like some cartoon quarantine. You yelled for help. You were a prisoner, but they had to take care of you. They had to keep you safe.

No one came.

It seemed like an eternity of screaming into uncaring silence – but then the walls.

The room shook and at first you’d been hopeful, expecting a rescue team to break through, looking for survivors. You’d tell them what you’d heard and they’d tell you you were brave. Maybe they’d shorten your sentence even. But as you watched a shape rose out of the wall, made of the wall, like a mannequin face melted into the plaster. It turned it’s terrible face upon you and an eye opened up in the center of the surface and it looked at you. One terrible eye shot through with veins of green and yellow, tinged pink, like a bloody vessel leaked from it’s monstrous brain. It smiled, without a mouth to smile, and you shrieked, a scream of primal terror as your body forced you as far from the thing in the wall as it could get you. The face receded and the walls started to bulge in at you, first in small sections, gently pushing, testing the surface, but then in more violent strikes.

You tuck your head into your knees and weep, seeing the face in the wall every time your eyes blink shut. No one was coming for you, and soon, that thing would break out of the wall. You feel a shuddering in the floor and can just make out the crumbling of plaster as you shake behind your bed frame shelter.

It’s almost through.


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