Heart and Choose

In the forest, flowers bloom
a trail over footstep,
a trail under loom…
For in the weft, falling,
you search for your heart, kept
long, and the longing
it wails wild in your ear.

There in the forest,
over paths long unknown,
you race for the truest –
the source of lost love.
Though the trees there be foreign
and the skies dark above
you race and you stumble…

All alone.

The stars no longer shine
and in your chest you falter,
remembering every rhyme.
You weep and wish for Mother’s voice
though all you hear is Father.
His words cascade in thunderous noise,
with the rains that chase and taunt.

Sopping wet in deadly vault
you find your leave of forest deep.
Down to tomb, the stair descends,
spiraling to the dark you creep
hearing now the beating echo –
somewhere here awaits your end.
Deeper down, and down you follow.

None will know…

How beneath the earth you tumbled.
In the depths, the shadows hold
keys in hands that never knew
the steady, hollow, hold of bone.
Deeply there they grasp and claw,
clutching tightly, tearing through.
Here your heart lies, hidden from all.

Beneath the world, a cavern rears,
bearing treasures for treasures own.
Here a witch lives – waiting, watching.
A dark and deeply wicked crone –
she holds the keys out, loose.
An offer to you, an offer for king,
take back your heart or join her – Choose.


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